Within the Posiedon Hosting Control Panel, you’ll find a collection of Advanced Instruments. They are created for cloud hosting customers who’re accustomed to maintaining their hosting environment. Having said that, because of the convenient user interface in the Control Panel, they’re just simple to use, even for rookies. In addition, we’ve added a wide range of precise how–to videos which can help inexperienced clients rapidly discover how to utilize the tools!

Hotlink Protection

Defend yourself against traffic theft

When you generate authentic content material for one’s site, it is advisable to safeguard it from people who desire to use it without your agreement. For this function, we’ve integrated a special defensive tool within the Posiedon Hosting Control Panel. Posiedon Hosting’s Hotlink Protection tool was created to shield all of the visuals at your web site from being used in any publications devoid of your consent.

The software tool is certainly easy to use, without having configuration demanded in any way. All you should carry out is select which domain name to guard and start the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic generation of .htaccess files

At Posiedon Hosting, you have accessibility to the .htaccess file of your site, which means you will make as much adjusts as you wish. Adding just a few lines to the configuration file, you can actually reroute your website to a different url, or configure password defense for a picked directory, and many more.

When using the powerful .htaccess Generator inside the Control Panel, you don’t have to possess any information about .htaccess files. Just convey to the tool what you need to carry out and for exactly which website, and afterwards click on the Save button. Our intelligent platform will generate the .htaccess file to suit your needs within seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malevolent IPs from your website

Should you have a well–ranked website, at some time you become a target to spammers and malicious website visitors. It is easy to safeguard all of your websites from this sort of actions with the IP blocking instrument included in Posiedon Hosting’s Control Panel. The tool will help you to successfully block out an IP address or a full array of IP addresses with a click of the mouse.

Put together with our thorough web stats and the GeoIP redirection software instruments, this IP Blocking tool will help you to effectively deal with the ability to access your site.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Alter the PHP settings for your personal website

With all of the cloud hosting packages from Posiedon Hosting, you can pick the PHP release for use on your web sites – coming from older PHP builds like PHP 4 up to the newest stable editions. You can do that with a click of the mouse. All adjustments are applied readily. For every single PHP release, you have access to the php.ini file for your web site, so, it’s possible to entirely modify the manner PHP works for you.

You will find a sleek interface, which enables you to swiftly customize the most crucial PHP adjustments. Whenever you want, you could also return to the normal settings in order to restore a backup.

PHP Configuration